Gare Allen


Gare Allen is the author of the best-selling book The Dead: A True Paranormal Story. After years of metaphysical and paranormal study he has penned his experiences into several books including a series of short stories that chronicle his amazing encounters called, 7 Lessons.

Gare resides in Florida and in addition to his books, he writes paranormal articles for Gare supports animal welfare organizations in his free time and is dedicated to physical fitness.

June Lundgren

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June Lundgren is a psychic medium, animal communicator, healer, nurse and international author with over forty years of experience in the paranormal field.

As a young child she communicated with spirits, animals and angels while living in a secure home with her grandparents. She comes from a long line of women with special gifts. Her grandmother was a psychic medium and helped to tutor her in the use of her gifts.

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Dr.Michael Grosso


Michael Grosso studied classics and received his PH.D. in philosophy from Columbia University. He taught philosophy at Marymount Manhattan College, City University of New York, and City University of New Jersey. He is now affiliated with the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. His main interest is consciousness studies and philosophy of mind. Among his books, he co-authored Irreducible Mind, wrote The Millennium Myth, Experiencing the Next World Now, etc., and is completing a book Wings of Ecstasy: Mind and Body in the Life of Joseph of Copertino. Also a painter, Grosso is interested in the interface between art and psychical research.

Barry Eaton


Barry has wide international experience in all areas of the media and entertainment industries. He is a well known radio and TV presenter, having spent many years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and various commercial radio and TV stations. His profile embraces news and sports anchoring, lifestyle shows, current affairs,talk back radio and he produces hosts the internet radio program now in its 11th year, enjoying a worldwide audience.

As a writer he has scripted and narrated many documentary films and corporate presentations and written numerous feature stories for magazines and newspapers on everything from astrology to travel.

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